Directed by Anel Skye
Filmed by Daniel Saaiman
SPONSOR – Unieke Boetieke (Paarl)

‘Silence Screams’ was written a long time ago, but I never had the opportunity to record it properly. The lyrics are pretty simple and explain what it is about. As with all my songs, most came to existence through personal experiences. It was heartbreak, confusion and many mixed signals which nearly drove me to madness at the time. Looking back at it now, it almost seems funny. I know for sure that there are people out there who have gone through or are currently going through something similar and I hope this song puts into words what they feel inside. Sometimes things just don’t work out because there is something better out there waiting for you. There has to be hope, that’s what I am all about.


Tell me to leave if I don’t belong
Say you don’t love me if it’s true
Set me free from this maze
The silence screams in my face

All I know is that I love you
I’ll forever will
Tell me what it is you hide inside
Say you love me or say you don’t
Tell me to love you, I will

My eyes motionless, lips speechless
My heart vicious and fearless
My heart is in rage inside its cage
Where I have kept it for you


I can see it in your eyes
I can hear it in your lies
I just don’t know why
Tell me why

Directed by Anel Skye
Filmed by Daniel Saaiman

“Fun” is what comes after the “Eleventh Hour”. The two singles are connected. The fun comes when you realise that life goes on and you can still celebrate the good times and move forward even though you went through difficult times.


Everybody in front of me

I hope you feel free
Free from hate
Free from anger
Free from anything that is bothering you

We are going to have fun tonight

Anxiety out of sight
Is everyone doing all right?
We’re going to set the roof on fire
Then we lift the spirit higher
Make out light shine mighty brighter
Leave our ship behind and feel lighter
So light up!

Oh yea, fire it up

Things are heating up
Let the haters shut up!
We got a good thing, let’s not slow down
We got to fight the frown
Kick it out of this old town

Directed by Anel Skye
Filmed by Daniel Saaiman

Lion Raj tells how ‘Eleventh Hour’ came to being…

“My mother, the main reason why this song was written. Her name was Ellen and she passed away the 6th of March 2018, just a few days after I found out my wife & I will have our first child. I thought of how strange it was, on one side life was lost and on the other we celebrated the arrival of our daughter. We named her after my mother, “Ellenor”. The sweet and the sour of life. The ups and the downs. I felt miserable and also happy. There was something I was sad about, but I was looking forward to meeting my daughter. It is never the end, life goes on & there is always something to look forward to, something to live for if you look close enough.”

The music video was captured on a busy night on Lower Main Road in Observatory, Cape Town. It was shot in one continuous take, symbolising that life goes on regardless of whether you mess up or not. You can only move forward and take the highs and the blows, but always remember to keep on moving and make the most of what you have with the time you were given.

Crossroads it’s all I see
So many persons I could’ve been
Today another place awaits in the darkness
A path you will choose tonight and you don’t know if it’s right
You don’t know if you are going to be alright
It’s all on you and you don’t have a clue
Life…a place where you hope and dream, but not always a place of waffles & cream
But it is not the eleventh hour
More like Chinese food, sweet & sour
Many times it feels like your last hour
It’s all up to you to know who you are
Yes you are strong but admit you have a scar
Don’t be ignorant to your weaknesses
Life…a place where you hope and dream, but not always a place of waffles & cream
But it is not the eleventh hour
A place where things can make you scream
A place where your bread can turn green
A place where the weather forecast is mistaken
A place where you can wake up to the smell of eggs and bacon
A place where can get hurt by someone you love
A place where you can fall in love with someone sent from above
Sweet & Sour
It’s not the last hour
All good
All right
Stronger than I was before
I may not belong, but I will stay
I may not belong, but I am okay