Here is a sneak peek of the music video for "Fun".

Unfortunately, it will only be released on Monday. Had some technical difficulties.

I am editing it myself and my laptop is not the fastest and rendering takes hours. I am almost finished, but it just won't be done by today.

"Oh yeah fire it up!"

The music video for "Fun' will be out on Friday. The perfect way to start your weekend 🎉

What a performance by Lynelle Kenned and Stefan Lombard on the piano at Ou Meulteater in Paarl this afternoon 🎉

Music video for 'Fun' is done!

Had so much fun on set, but I am out! 🎉

Straight to bed 😴

Shooting the music video for "Fun" this weekend with Daniel Saaiman.

Listen to "Fun" on YouTube

Someone left their brassieres at the theatre, I am pretty sure it is not someone that I know 🤔

I was in Paarl Boys High School from standard 1 to grade 12 😉

uess who I am supporting? #gameface

Go Boishaai 🎉

Had a beer tasting of Noon Gun Brewery and I recommend the IPA 🍺


Thanx Margot for the invite 🎉

I have been the MC at our town's local talent show at Ou Meulteater for 4 shows now.

Photo by Marietjie Jansen Van Rensburg 📸

Fantastic performances by this bunch of beautiful people at Ou Meulteater's 3rd Mic Night where we put some light on our homegrown talent 💙

PS - Not sure why Bennie 📸 wanted us to be in scrum positions 😂

We lost a South African musical giant today. You inspired a generation that will continue your legacy 💙 RIP Johnny Clegg

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